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The prescription-strength stress & sleep aid

Proven in multiple published studies, Circadia is a neuromodulation device that can help stabilize mood, reduce stress and improve sleep quality when used for 20 minutes, once or twice a day. Try Circadia with the confidence of our 30-day free return policy.

The brain is an electrical system

Our technology works by treating the brain electrically to help you sleep better.

Manufactured by Fisher Wallace Labs, Circadia is technologically identical to the Fisher Wallace Stimulator, which is FDA-cleared to treat depression, anxiety and insomnia. Circadia is intended for stress and sleep management, so is available for purchase without a prescription.

During each treatment session, the device stimulates the brain to release neurochemicals needed for healthy mood and sleep, reduce cortisol and regulate brainwave activity.

Use the device for 20 minutes in the morning to feel more relaxed, and 20 minutes before bed to prepare the brain for a restful night’s sleep. Over 40% of customers also report significant improvement in cognitive performance (focus, concentration, memory).

About Fisher Wallace Labs

The benefits of using our device

The device has given me a sense of calm like nothing else I've tried.

Manage your stress levels

It helped me overcome my emotional paralysis and lift me out of my funk.

Feel your emotions improve

No over-the-counter solutions helped, but Circadia does.

Improve your sleep quality

Evidence-based technology

In a study conducted during the pandemic, our technology increased total sleep time (TST) in active device participants by 25.8 minutes, whereas participants using a placebo device experienced a decrease in total sleep time of 16.5 minutes - a total difference between active and placebo of 42.4 minutes.

Additionally, our published biomarker research demonstrates that our technology increases serotonin and lowers cortisol.

Doctor reviews

Retired US Army General, Stephen Xenakis, MD, discusses the technology of our device.

User reviews

[The device] has greatly improved my sleep and relaxation...It is one of my healthiest tools in the toolbox right now to get me a good night sleep. It also has decreased anxiety. And I actually look forward to using it morning and evening.

—  Corle M.

On nights that I use the device, I get a good night’s rest and feel as if my mind is at ease. I truly could not thank the device enough for all that it has done for me and my sleep, anxiety, and stress!!!

—  Marta B.

Using the device...has enabled me to develop healthy sleep patterns, to get more sleep, and to be able to return to sleep if I have woken up at night. I highly recommend the device.

—  Leslye

Featured in

Over 100,000 people have used our device

I have seen very positive results, often within the first two weeks...

—  Richard Brown, M.D., Columbia University

One of four technologies innovating mental health

—  Forbes Magazine

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