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Find your critical edge

Looking to take your preparation and performance as an athlete to the next level? Proven in multiple published studies, Circadia helps reduce stress, improve sleep, and sharpen focus. Use just 20 minutes a session, once or twice a day. Try Circadia with the confidence of our 30-day free return policy.

Train your brain

Circadia is a groundbreaking innovation in wearables. It uses prescription-strength brain stimulation technology developed by Fisher Wallace Labs that stimulates the brain’s electrochemical system without causing serious side effects. There are already over 100,000 people using our technology.

After a 20-minute morning session, users typically feel more relaxed and are able to concentrate better for many hours later. When used for 20 minutes before bed, the session prepares the brain for a restful night’s sleep.

Performance is often more about mental strength than physical strength. Give yourself the best possible chance to perform at the highest level with Circadia.

About Fisher Wallace Labs

The benefits of using our device

I sleep better and wake up ready to attack my training program.

Improve your sleep quality

My mental focus is so much better - it really helps me push past my limits.

Manage your stress levels

With Circadia, I find myself more at ease when it's time to perform.

Increase focus and concentration

Evidence-based technology

In a study conducted during the pandemic, our technology increased total sleep time (TST) in active device participants by 25.8 minutes, whereas participants using a placebo device experienced a decrease in total sleep time of 16.5 minutes - a total difference between active and placebo of 42.4 minutes. Our published biomarker research demonstrates that our technology increases serotonin and lowers cortisol.

Doctor reviews

Retired US Army General, Stephen Xenakis, MD, discusses the technology of our device.

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Over 100,000 people have used our device

I have had great success using the device to treat patients who are resistant to pharmacotherapy. Also, patients who seek a drug-free alternative have used the stimulator to reduce or eliminate their dependence on drugs.

—  Andres San Martin, M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Columbia University

I use this device every night before I fall asleep. This device truly helps me cope--medication free!!

—  Erica M., Fisher Wallace Customer

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