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Circadia® + Interactive Meditation by PAUSE

Engage in interactive meditation with the PAUSE mobile app during your 20-minute neurostimulation session.

Fisher Wallace Laboratories has partnered with the creator of the PAUSE interactive meditation app to offer patients a new way to integrate stress-relieving, focus-enhancing experiences with each stimulation session - simply use the Pause app while you use Circadia®.

Try PAUSE for Free

If you purchase Circadia®, we will reimburse you for the purchase of the PAUSE app. Simply email your app purchase receipt to and we will reimburse you via PayPal on the same or next business day.

Buy the app now for $1.99:

Scientific Validation

A recent pilot study using EEG validation indicated superiority of PAUSE (interactive meditation) when compared to HeadSpace (guided meditation).

Tips for Using PAUSE

PAUSE During Your Neurostimulation Session

PAUSE is set by default for a 10-minute interactive meditation. You may extend it to the full 20 minutes, or for a shorter duration.

PAUSE As Needed

PAUSE may be used by itself multiple times a day, whenever stress relief or improved focus and concentration is needed.

Customize the Timer

Click the 'A' icon at the bottom of the screen. The default timer is set to 10 minutes.

Wear Earbuds

The effect will be significantly better with earbuds, but in a quiet room, the phone's speakers will suffice.

Choose Your Favorite Color

Wait for your favorite color scheme to appear and choose it by touching the screen and starting the PAUSE session.

Light Touch

Touch the screen gently - don't press down hard.

Slow and Continuous

Move your finger slowly and continuously, as if practicing finger Tai Chi.

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